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  • Meet Shawnda Dee

    Hair Extension

    & Weave Expert

    15 years of experience

    Dream BIG...GO FAR!

    From the age of 13 years old, I always knew I wanted to do hair. I started young and later graduated from Kenneth Shullers Cosmetology School in Columbia SC. I moved to Atlanta GA in 2005 and began my career as a hairstylist that later expanded to me becoming a traveling stylist and now I am a global stylist. I travel all over the world providing flawless hair extensions services and teaching classes to the ambitious hairstylist. My talents have placed me in the most amazing destinations like Dubai, South African, South America, Iceland, Mexico, Paris, New York, LA and so many more upcoming places. So cool...right? I am truly humbled for this journey and thankful I found my niche with hair extensions. Today, I am revered as one of Atlanta's premier stylist for protective styles and credited for being the "Texture Specialist" for weaves and extensions. I am very thankful for all of my clients that have embarked on this journey with me throughout the years from "Garage to Global" and I look forward to everything in store for 2018. It's my time!


    Name: Rashawnda Daniels

    Hometown- Columbia SC

    Current Location: Atlanta GA

    CEO: Travel Stylist Ambassadors

    Birthday: Capricorn January 19th

    Founder: Hairstylist GPS

    Passion: Helping others do what they love

    Unique trait- I have a twin brother -Richard Daniels

    3 things that make you happy- real flowers, sunlight, & real people.

  • Service Menu:

    Prices Below

    Weaves or Wigs

    Atlanta's best

    I specialize in very seamless and natural flowing extensions in all textures. I can customize any hair texture to blend perfect for you to fit your lifestyle.

    Shampoo Style

    Clean hair

    Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize, and Protect are the 4 key steps to growing and maintaining beautiful healthy hair. Book your shampoo style or shampoo maintenance appointment today.

    Bridal Services

    Hair memories

    I love creating a flawless look for my beautiful brides. Whether its your destination wedding, cookout, big party, or traditional setting. Hair should definitely be your top priority. Complete the request form below and include all your wedding details to get a quote. Congrats!!!!

  • Our Membership Clubs

    Just for YOU!

    PICS Club - Protect *Ignite * Crown* Share ( Ex:2)

    ​Changing the world one crown at a time.

    Love all of YOU!

    Hairstylist GPS- Global * Passion *Story ( Ex:3)

    We put you on the MAP!


    Hairstylists GPS- #1 Club for emerging, novice, & professional hairstylists that want bank behind the chair, travel the world, and launch, grow, and scale a profitable business you can do ANYWHERE!

    • A Club for Hairstylist that want to learn and earn ANYWHERE!

    What we do? We put you on the MAP!


    - Created by hairstylists for hairstylists



    Explore 360 Club:

    Love * Explore *Align* Discover - ( Ex:4)

    All roads lead to the abundance.

    Love all of YOU!

    R&R Club -Royalties & Residual ( Ex:05)

    Lifestyle BLOG about investments, growth, & balance.

    Love all of YOU!

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    Where are you located?

    Address: 5170 Peachtree Road Atlanta GA 30341. It’s 12 minutes from Lenox mall going North and 8 minutes from Perimeter mall going east. Click "Directions " below to pull up a step by step map.

    Do your prices include hair?

    No, hair is sold separately. I can assist you in selecting your hair upon consultation. Be sure to download my hair vendor list to view my favorite brands. You can’t go wrong with any of those companies.

    Do you offer discounts, student, military, or birthday rates?

    Yes, be sure to join my insider's club by adding your email to the home page. Sign up and receive a 15% off your first service $250+ an additional discounts throughout the year.

    Do you offer a refund if I miss my appointment?

    No refunds and all deposit are non-refundable.

    However, a salon credit and rescheduling are available upon a conversation.

    Can you answer my other questions?

    Yes, Email: info@iamshawndadee.com

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